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At Campbell Law Offices, we understand how difficult family law matters can be. We'll work tirelessly to examine every detail of your case, and we'll work quickly to secure the best outcome for your family in court. We'll try to avoid tough court proceedings that can strain your family further.


We handle every aspect of legal separation, negotiation of securing custody and support, paternity litigation, divorce and separation, alimony and child support, and division of property.

We are the area's only certified family law mediator, providing convenient out-of-court guidance to separating or conflicted couples. Mediation provides a less imposing and litigious alternative to coming to an agreement together.


Through mediation, you and your spouse or ex-spouse can reach agreements on delicate issues like custody, support, visitation, and other family law matters, without having to stand before a judge.

Compassionate family law counsel

Seeking the best outcome for your family

The area's only certified family mediator

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